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Capcom also dropped a new gameplay trailer in its showcase last night exoprimal presents. This shows a collection of goals that are part of Dino Survival. These include VTOL Defense, where squads must defend a downed plane from dinosaur attacks, and Omega Charge, where exofighters can wield a giant hammer to obliterate targets. Also revealed in the video is the new Exosuits Assault class, armed to the teeth. Barrage, a flaming bomb aimer and the rail cannonwielding sniper, Vigilant, join a growing arsenal of futuristic suits that teams can switch between in combat to take on any challenge. While players will face hordes of dinosaurs in many situations, in others they will collide headon with enemy squads. However, sometimes rival teams have to work together to take out common enemies like the NeoTyrannosaurus.

exoprimal Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X next year.

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