Groundbreaking innovations that will change the course of the future of artificial intelligence, 5G and user experience

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At a global conference on innovation and patent protection held in Shenzhen, China, its headquarters incubator, the award-winning “Top Ten Innovations” classified as unprecedented and groundbreaking and which will help change the world were unveiled. course of the future of artificial intelligence and fifth generation technologies and open new horizons to the user experience.

The awards are designed in a unique way that allows them to accurately identify innovations they can rely on to launch new product series and add new business benefits to existing products that will help increase the added value of the company’s products and communication. and the IT sector in general.

Award-winning innovations ranged from neural networks that will dramatically reduce computing power consumption, to “optical diaphragm” networks that provide the unprecedented capabilities and features of fiber optic networks designed to help carriers manage network resources and reduce time and cost for Broadband implementation.

The announcement of new innovations came within the framework of the policy of opening up around the world to share its innovations and increase the ceiling of international efforts to protect intellectual property related to technical innovations, which according to Huawei is one of the most important axes of the strategy to build the technical ecosystem required in the world for the benefit of the future of all humanity. In this regard, Song Liuping, Huawei’s Chief Legal Officer, said: “Protecting intellectual property is a key component of protecting innovation. We collaborate with technology companies openly and transparently by licensing patents and technologies we create. to share our innovations with the world. This approach aims to improve the production of innovations, advance technical development and make technology accessible to all. “

By the end of 2021, more than 110,000 patents had been filed in more than 45,000 patent families. Obtain more patents than any other entity in China and file the largest number of patent applications with the Patent Office of the European Union. And the fifth place in the new patents in the United States. For five consecutive years it has been ranked first worldwide in patent applications filed with the PCT.

Alan Fan, head of Huawei’s intellectual property division, said the value of the company’s patents has been widely recognized, particularly in approved standards such as cell phones, Wi-Fi devices, and audio and video formats. And that in the last five years, more than 2 billion smartphones have obtained 4G and 5G patent licenses from Huawei. Approximately 8 million Huawei-patented connected cars are delivered to consumers every year.

“More than 260 companies – supplying 1 billion devices – have obtained Huawei HEVC patent licenses through the patent pool,” Fan added. He confirmed that the company is in discussion to provide a way to grant new patents that would provide quick access to Huawei’s patents for Wi-Fi devices.

Manuel DeSantis, former Vice President of the European Patent Office, explained in his speech at the conference that in light of the rapid technological changes and developments in our world, the number of patents registered or innovations is no longer the most important issue, but rather the need to secure the intellectual property system for innovations to achieve effective protection for the innovations they deserve is based on their value realization.

During the conference, officials discussed joint licensing programs for fifth generation inventions with licensing experts and leading patent authorities in the technical field. and that the company works with patent licensing companies to provide “one-stop” licenses according to prevailing standards.

Liu Hua, Director of the Office of the World Intellectual Property Organization in China, commended Huawei’s continued efforts to promote innovation, saying, “We look forward to continuing these efforts in competing globally with its focus on innovation “.

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