How is your bank details leaked through online purchases? .. answers the “technician”.

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Technical expert Abdulaziz Al-Hammadi warned against sharing private data over the Internet, explaining how bank details are leaked through online purchases.

Al-Hammadi said in an interview with “Gulf Rotana”, that there are safe sites, and others fake and unsafe, and a person should be careful if he has a card linked to his main bank account as it could get into a situation. untrustworthy site to buy and access his bank account to a party he does not know.

And he gave an example of famous sites in the Kingdom through which he can shop safely, because the data is not stored, unless the user agrees, and therefore could be hackable.

Al Hammadi added: No private data should be uploaded to iCloud storage services.

He advised turning on two-step access to accounts and linking them to their personal mobile phone and not sharing data with anyone strangers, even if he claims to be from a government agency.

He stressed not to share private devices with close relatives, even if parents, because the user also with his trust in them, but does not trust the way they manage the devices.

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