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Gearbox Publishing and Cryptic Studios inform us that “Dragonslayer” is the 23rd expansion for “Neverwinter” available. The accompanying launch trailer puts us in the right mood with catchy sequences.

“It’s time for adventurers of all platforms to join the hunt and become a dragon slayer,” said Brett Norton, executive producer of never winter† “With Dragonslayer we do that never winter an even more epic D&D experience as we bring the new adventures of Fizban to life. We are adding new content to the game and updating our existing dragons along with the epic trial against the dragon goddess Tiamat. With Dragonslayer, now is the perfect time for D&D fans old and new alike to explore the Forgotten Realms.”

In Dragonbone Vale, the latest expansion of never winter, players managed to evict Valindra Shadowmantle from Sword Coast, but she was able to cast an erroneous version of Scaleplague Myth before doing so. The new Dragonslayer expansion begins with this evil spell that awakens the socalled dragon face in countless dragons, sending them into a frenzy. To save the Sword Coast, the heroes must never winters Join the famous dragon slayer Smerdiuk Dragonbane and hunt these deadly dragons.

The Dragonslayer expansion offers a wide variety of new content:

  • Dragonslayer Campaign: The Heroes never winters can become legendary dragon slayers by joining Smerdiuk Dragonbane’s team and hunting for the frenzied dragons that threaten the Sword Coast.
  • Dragon Hunt System: Players can progress in the new campaign by defeating dragons in the new Dragon Hunt system. They will have access to the following new content:
    • Battle the Chromatic Dragon of the D&D Universe: Fans can take part in actionpacked battles against the five types of chromatic dragons (red, blue, green, white and black) of the D&D universe. Whether they’re hunting a villainous White Dragon or a cunning Green Dragon, they’ll find that each Chromatic Dragon has a fighting style to match their personality and element.
    • Epic Dragon Hoards: From the blistering heat of the Red Dragon’s lair to the frigid wasteland where White Dragons lurk, players can experience thrilling adventures in five different environments where the dragons have made their lairs and collected great treasures.
    • Customizable Hunts: Before going on a dragon hunt, players can customize their hunt with the following options:
      • Age of Dragons: Players can fight young dragons solo, hunt adult dragons in a group of three, or challenge the mightiest of the ancient dragons in a group of five. The older the dragon, the greater the challenge and reward.
      • Hunt Modifiers: Hunt modifiers allow fans to make their hunt more challenging. With more than ten unique modifiers and the option to upgrade them, the power of the various dragons can be increased or decreased, the course of the hunt can be influenced and the rewards you receive for success can change with it.
    • New Rewards: After a grueling and successful hunt, the dragon’s captured body parts can be used by Smerdiuk’s Blacksmith to craft powerful new rewards, such as the Dragon Hunter’s mighty cuirass.
  • Revised Dragons: never winters Dragons have been completely redesigned. These deadly creatures have a new look, new attacks and spells and can now take to the skies.
  • Rise of Tiamat Trial Revamped: The popular 10player Trial pitting you against Tiamat, the ferocious 5headed Dragon Queen, has been revamped with new mechanics, stages and enemies, and can be played on both Normal and Master difficulty settings.
  • Normal & Master Difficulty for The Crown of Keldegonn Trial: Players can now choose between Normal and Master when taking on Valindra Shadowmantle and the Dragonlich Palhavorithyn in the 10player The Crown of Keldegonn Trial.
  • Tiranny of Dragons Transformed into an Epic Adventure: The Tiranny of Dragons campaign is now an Epic Adventure, making it easier to experience the story leading up to the Rise of Tiamat Trial. In addition, several improvements have been made to gameplay quality, including bug fixes in quests and minor heroic encounters.

Neverwinter is available for PS4 and Xbox One.

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