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On Wednesday, the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh hosted the fourth “Anoxera” Global Summit with a Saudi identity under the slogan “The Path to Sustainability through Innovation in Smart Distance Education”.

The Summit is the largest conference for smart education and educational technology in the Middle East, attended by leading technology companies globally, numerous educational technology companies, entrepreneurs, and public and private education officials from around the world and Middle Eastern countries Live broadcast in more than (25) countries.

Leaders from major international technology companies participated in the summit’s work, with keywords including Microsoft, Intel, HP, Mc GrawHill, BenQ and Saudi International Classera, the official sponsor of the summit.

International companies excelled in presenting their products and programs, and the focus was on the significant change in awareness of the importance of educational technology, and that it has become a necessity and not a luxury.The best way to win over young people is to teach them in the language they understand, which is the language of modern technology In the field of intelligent educational technology and focusing on the importance of educational technologies after the Crown.

At the conclusion of the summit, attendees stunned Classera CEO, Engineer Mohammed Al-Madani, with his humble presence, educational programs and electronic payment programs for student purchases, announcing a number of initiatives, including which the launch of Munsha “at Youth Academy, Ataa Academy and Information Technology and Saudi Injaz Agreement to improve the skills of young people and train them electronically. Classera has also won numerous awards globally, the latest of which was the Microsoft award for the best partner and the first in the world in the field of distance smart education.

The participants of the summit followed the presentation of the CEO with great interest and were delighted by the news of Classera, the Saudi international company, founded by ambitious young Saudis in 2012 and which over the years has foreseen the future and has become the best. to the world in creating intelligent, influential and inspiring technical solutions to develop, facilitate and enrich intelligent distance education because they have realized that technology is the The new language in all areas of life and in the world is witnessing a growing development and diversity in educational technologies because development in education is no longer limited to the use of computers and tablets in education, so Classera has become the basic online education management system to help teachers and students to follow lectures and courses Online training with this vision of the future with the latest and latest technology of the future Classera has become one of the pioneers of intelligent education technologies globally, which has allowed them to be present in more than (30) countries around the world and more than ten million users, and they and international companies have a distinctive footprint in the world of smart education in the world and in the Arab world in general and in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular to realize the vision of the boring ke 2030

The Classera family is one of the factors of their success and their teamwork. Therefore, their presentation was influential and personal. I have benefited greatly from the knowledge of their products and programs, including the Classera educational platform within the educational systems and including the memorization of the Holy Quran program.

Despite the importance of the summit’s work, it did not receive media coverage from news agencies, TV stations, newspapers and magazines.

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President of the Board of Directors of the Association (Khairkom)

For the memorization of the Noble Quran in Jeddah

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