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Capcom released a longer gameplay video for the dino shooter exoprimal refilled. This is about the main mode of the game called “Dino Survival”. Here, two teams of five exofighters each compete to carry out the orders of a sinister artificial intelligence known as Leviathan. The video shows a complete match.

The teams first fight against different waves of opponents. There is also the possibility to control a dino yourself and use it to stop the other team. At the end there is a direct discussion.

In addition, interested parties will soon have the opportunity to put on the exosuits themselves. A closed network test is planned for next month. That’s possible from now on Register

The year is 2043. For unknown reasons, mysterious whirlpools have opened up, from which a never-ending stream of dinosaur herds pours into the modern world. Between the brave exofighters of the near future and the ferocious creatures of the distant past that threaten to wipe out humanity, there will be a relentless struggle for survival.

The action shooter with a focus on multiplayer co-op elements where you fight against a horde of dinosaurs is scheduled to release in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC Steam.

The new material for Exoprimal

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