Google shuts down its instant messaging service

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Google announced that it will be shutting down its Google Talk instant messaging service today, Thursday, with Google Talk providing both text and voice calls.

“We close Google Talk on June 16, 2022, we will end our support for third party apps including Pidgin and Gajim,” the company said in a blog post.

To keep chatting with your contacts, we recommend using Google Chat, you can more easily schedule with others, share and collaborate on files and assign tasks with the advanced chat spaces feature, plus you have the same powerful phishing protection that we have integrated into Gmail and the ability to log in as screen reader support.

According to Android Police, Google Talk was the company’s original instant messaging service initially designed for quick conversations between Gmail contacts, but it quickly got bigger before being replaced by the new Google services, and Google Talk became an app on devices. Android in addition to BlackBerry.

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