New gameplay and demo for the post-apocalyptic platformer

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Publisher Untold Tales and developer Demagog Studio (Golf Club: Wasteland) have released an “E3 Gameplay Trailer” (sic) to the cub issued. In addition, you can: on Steam try a demo. The platformer is inspired by Sega classics from the 90s, most notably Jungle Book, Aladdin and the Lion King.

Make your way through the remnants of humanity and outwit the evolved wild animals and dangerous hybrid plants. Solve environmental puzzles and stay one step ahead of the evil people chasing you in a gruesome, apocalyptic safari hunt.

After an ecological disaster, the ultra-rich flee to Mars, leaving the rest of humanity behind. Among those left is a child who was able to develop immunity against the now hostile planet. Decades pass before the Martians return to study the Earth again. They discover the human child and try to catch it.

The Cub is slated to be released on PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and PC.

Images: the cub, Untold StoriesDemagogue Studio

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