You can now try Elden Ring: The Demake for Game Boy for free

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We reported on a fan’s Elden Ring demake a few weeks ago. Now the game is ready and completely free to play. Author Shin has it on issued.

Of course, the demake doesn’t reproduce the full original; that would be nearly impossible. But it has to go as far as Stormveil Castle. Everything is green, and a perspective from above and visuals are reminiscent of Zelda.

The game runs in the browser, but author Shin recommends playing it on a Game Boy or Analogue Pocket. Maybe Shin will also add more areas.

But he says, “I should get a real job instead of working on this game. I’d love to expand the game in the future, but I can’t promise anything.”

This isn’t the first time fans have tried a Souls game demake. This guild’s most popular representative is Lilith Walther’s Bloodborne PSX. Bloodborne PSX brings the thrilling PS4 gaming experience to the PSone era.

In case you missed it: Bandai Namco and Future Press will jointly publish a German-language solution book, Elden ring publication, which is so extensive that it appears in two parts. And now you can pre-order both books on Amazon!

A new trailer:

through EurogamerArtwork: Elden Ring Demake

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