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Mages responded to a fan request on Facebook for an English version of anonymously; code responded. The answer was “536f6f6e2e”. If you interpret this as the number sequence “53 6f 6f 6e 2e” in the hexadecimal system, it results in the number sequence “83 111 111 110 46” in the usual decimal system. Now if you look it up in an ASCII table, the result is “Soon” Or you type “Alt+83” etc. on your keyboard. Exciting.

Essence of the whole exercise: Mages teases that Anonymous;Code will soon be available in English.

Anonymous;Code is the sequel to the science-adventure series and was originally announced in 2015, but development stalled for a few years. The Japanese release date is now set for July 28, 2022, with PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as platforms. Anonymous;Code should answer the remaining questions of the series. Characters from previous offshoots should reappear.

simulations recursively

The visual novel is set in the year 2037 and is about the “Earth Simulator” created by a computer called “Gaia”. After successfully creating humans on “another Earth” who reside in the computer, humanity quickly develops its own “Earth Simulator”. This development causes humanity to question its own existence.

The opening video:

through gematsuImages: Anonymous;Code, Like it5pb., Chiyomaru Studio

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