You don’t have to worry about the Disney worlds, says Nomura

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Not all Kingdom Hearts fans were happy with the Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts 3. But you don’t have to worry about Kingdom Hearts IV, Tetsuya Nomura promises in a new interview with the GameInformer† Donald and Goofy are anyhow and “sure” on “a few Disney worlds,” Nomura says.

“What Kingdom Hearts IV is concerned, players are sure to see some Disney worlds. I just want to mention that you don’t have to worry too much about this aspect of the game. It may feel a little different from previous Kingdom Hearts titles, but once players have had a chance to play the game, they will certainly be relieved to realize that this is definitely a Kingdom Hearts title,” said Nomura.

“It’s the game series they’ve come to know and love,” he promises. “As for the graphics qualities… as the specs have increased with each new title and we can do so much more in terms of graphics, the number of worlds we can create is somewhat limited. We are currently considering how we are going to approach this, but Disney worlds are coming in Kingdom Hearts IV.”

Someone who will probably also be around forever is Sora. GameInformer asked Nomura if there was another main character to think of. His answer: That would be the end of the numbered sequence. “As for the spin-offs, we’ve had main characters that weren’t Sora, but in terms of the main series, I think Sora is the only real candidate for the main character. I think if Sora isn’t the main character anymore, I would be too.” think that would mean the end of the numbered titles. He’s so important to the show.”

Immediately after the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, Tetsuya Nomura said in Famitsu that they wanted to focus on development for now and that there should be no new details “in the near future”. Kingdom Hearts IV is still in an early stage of development.

Artwork: Kingdom Hearts IV, Square Enix

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