Impressive scenes from the development during the war in Ukraine

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“Some GSC Game World employees decided to defend their country while some of the development continues in Kiev. GSC Game World also opened an office in Prague, Czech Republic, from where most of the development will continue.”

It is inconceivable that we should read such a thing. But the reality for the developers of GSC Game World is that despite everything, it continues stalker 2 work. The Xbox Extended Showcase has released a new trailer for Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl. But the developer video released at the same time brought more excitement and emotion.

The makers show scenes from the empty office, but not everyone has fled. If there’s a flight alarm, you run into the basement, explains lead concept artist Anton Kukhtytsyi. Bombs fall just a few hundred meters from the offices. It’s not easy to write violent quests while a war is raging outside, says narrative designer Dariia Tsepkova. But watch the video for yourself.

Developer Diary:

The new trailer:

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