Nomura on Xehanort and the new enemy character in the sequel

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Admittedly, the story of the entire Kingdom Hearts series is… not easy. But every fan knows the villains and in a new interview with the GameInformer Tetsuya Nomura now explained some of the background to this and how it happened in Kingdom Hearts IV will be continued in this regard.

†[…] Xehanort is a very bold character,” says Nomura. “We took a lot of time to expand the presence of this enemy in the series,” explains Nomura, who then offers a small dissertation: “It all started in the original Kingdom Hearts, where Ansem was, and in Kingdom Hearts II with Xemnas – actually these are two characters that come from one person. In the first game, we only explored part of the heart. In the second game, we explored the physical body,” says Nomura.

“It all led to the full physical embodiment of the character. I really like that we built the character in this slow way.” “I think the presence of the other character is so important for him to be a really good character. It gives the story a lot of depth and density. I think we succeeded in that.”

Kingdom Hearts IV? †[…] Now we move on to the next saga. In the Kingdom Hearts IV trailer, we mentioned The Lost Master arc. We will have to deal with a new enemy character in the continuation of the story. This new enemy has a lot in common with the masked characters that appear at the end of Kingdom Hearts III,” reveals Nomura.

“It will be obstacles that will come for Sora. Also in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 we showed what kind of characters they are, so the enemies have already appeared in the series. We will reintroduce them, and of course there will be other new characters, but we can’t go into details yet.”

Immediately after the announcement of Kingdom Hearts IV, Tetsuya Nomura said in Famitsu that they wanted to focus on development for now and that there should be no new details “in the near future”. Kingdom Hearts IV is still in an early stage of development.

Artwork: Kingdom Hearts IV, Square Enix

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