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Sony PlayStation has launched a new sale for the Summer Game Fest. Again, indie games are in focus. The “PlayStation Indies” are still on sale until June 23, 2022 at 00:59, so the promotion is on the last straight. Let’s take another look!

Our selection:

  • Cuphead for 13.99 euros
  • Road 96 for 13.99 euros
  • Death’s Door for 12.99 euros
  • Tormented Souls for 12.99 euros
  • Patapon Remastered for 7.49 euros
  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure for 8.99 euros
  • Oldest Souls for 9.99 euros
  • Shenmue III for €5.99
  • Kitaria fables for 11.99 euros
  • Coffee Talk for 4.89 euros
  • Ys Origin for 7.99 euros
  • Last day of June for 4.99 euros
  • Tears of Avia for 8.99 euros
  • Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story for 2.59 euros
  • Songbird Symphony for 2.99 euros
  • Smoke and Sacrifice for 1.99 euros

Incidentally, a number of Japanese games such as “Indies” have also slipped in. The grandiose Fugue: Melodies of Steel is available for 27.99 euros, games like Maglam Lord for 29.99 euros. No open offers, but worth a look here too.

Images: Sony PlayStation

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