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Atlus has placed increasing emphasis on localization in recent years. The first attempts were a bit shaky, but fans are still grateful for German lyrics and sometimes English speech output.

Soul Hackers 2 gets both donated. Atlus has now introduced the English voices of the characters with a new trailer. The following speakers lend their voices to the characters:

  • Megan Harvey as Ringo
  • Erica Mendez as Figue
  • Zack Aguilar as Arrow
  • Erica Lindbeck as Milady
  • Griffin Puatu as Saizo
  • Edward Bosco as Raven
  • Chris Hackney as Kaburagi
  • Sarah Williams as Jack Frost/Ai-ho
  • Patrick Seitz as Victor

Christian La Monte acts as English Voice Director. Soul Hackers 2 will be released in Germany on August 26. The physical launch edition for Xbox and PlayStation can be purchased for EUR 59.99 already reserved† In addition, Soul Hackers 2 will also be released for PC-Steam. Information about the Collector’s Edition and DLC subscriptions can be found here.

The new trailer:

Artwork: Soul Hackers 2, Atlus

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