Shulk amiibo expansion pass and special feature revealed

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Nintendo aired a new Direct today. To the chagrin of many fans, no “Nintendo Direct”, but also a special direct Xenoblade Chronicles 3† In the beginning you will see the new story trailer “Course of Destiny”.

After that, the main characters of your new Xenoblade adventure are introduced directly to you in the special and you are introduced to the wide world. You will see colonies and rest areas and you will be introduced to fast travel. Combat system and classes are then in focus.

The expansion pass was not announced until even before the game came out. For 29.99 euros you will receive the first useful items and color variants for outfits immediately at launch. Later this year it should get serious with a combat test, a new hero and new missions. You can expect the same in another update by April 2023. And sometime in 2023 one would like to add a “brand new plot”.

Nintendo also announced in the special that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is compatible with amiibo. Each amiibo gives you “useful game items” for your adventure. The Shulk amiibo performs a special function. Your character’s sword takes on the appearance of the Monado when scanned.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is scheduled for July 29 in Germany. The pre-order phase for the limited edition is planned for the end of July, but there is no specific date yet. Whether it gets as chaotic here as it is in North America remains to be seen. In this country, however, the My Nintendo Store is not accessible to many people anyway, because payment can only be made by credit card.

The new trailer:

The Direct in the shot:

Artwork: Xenoblade Chronicles 3, NintendoMonolithSoft

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