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Assemble Entertainment announces that: XEL Coming to Switch on July 14. The consoles from Sony and Microsoft will follow later in the year. At the same time, a new trailer tells the history of XEL

In XEL players explore a mysterious and vibrant world full of puzzles and mysterious dungeons. Resulting in merciless battles against exotic animals and robots XEL Actionadventure fans through an epic and heartwarming story full of fantastic locations and lovable characters, accompanied by an emotional soundtrack. XEL is about the main character Reid, who is shipwrecked on a mysterious world and has no memories of the time before the crash. Players will join Reid on her journey to unravel the mysteries of this bizarre world. XEL offers a picturesque and vibrant overworld with richly detailed environments and challenging dungeons in a classic 3D actionadventure format from above. During her adventure, Reid encounters charming characters, battles through hordes of robots, and uses a variety of items and gadgets. The development is financed by the BMVI.

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