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The microblogging platform “Twitter” is testing a new service that allows users to write long texts that contradict the “tweeter stronghold” principle, which is based on extreme brevity.

The technical news site The Freej said that Twitter confirmed, in a tweet, to one of its official accounts, the news about this service. And the news has been talking in recent months of Twitter’s intention to launch this service.

The new feature shows the presence of the word (write), or “write” in Arabic in the list on the left of the page, and after clicking on this word a blank page appears, on which the user can write whatever is in his mind and can add multimedia content such as images and change their shape. Finally, the note can be posted as a link that appears on the users timeline.

According to Twitter, the new service is available to a select group of users in the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Ghana, and people in most countries can read these notes. What sets “Twitter” apart from the rest of the competitors in the world of communications networks, especially “Facebook”, is the abbreviation in text, images and videos, as there is a limited cap. For years, the tweet cap was 140 characters, before the cap went up to 280 characters in 2017, and video for most users is limited to a two-minute and 20-second limit. The idea behind limited Twitter space was to increase audience engagement with tweets.

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