Naoki Yoshida answers the party question and introduces you to Torgal

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Will it be a classic multi-character party? Final Fantasy XVI grant? This question especially drove fans after the State of Play trailer. In the few gameplay scenes we saw protagonist Clive always fighting alone. That was already the case in the first trailer.

Producer Naoki Yoshida answered them at least in part in today’s interviews. We have already presented the many new details from these interviews in a collective article today, but of course some topics deserve a closer look.

Naoki Yoshida is aware that the latest trailer didn’t reveal much about the party. He probably expected magazines to ask him the same questions in their interviews. We have collected and classified the statements about the party and party members for you.

“We didn’t want to overwhelm players in our latest trailer, so we just focused on Clive’s battles,” said Yoshida. “However, Clive will be accompanied by one or more companions for most of his journey,” he continues.

Companions are controlled by AI

“These companions will both engage in combat and talk to Clive. Party members are controlled by the AI, however, so players can focus solely on controlling Clive,” explains Yoshida IGN

There’s a reason you only control Clive directly. “Clive has a huge amount of unique abilities in his fully customizable arsenal. We wanted players to master these and adapt them so that they could use them fluently and with style,” Yoshida said. GamesRadar

Spreading combat control over multiple party members would hinder the action and complicate matters. Therefore, it was decided that the player should only focus on controlling Clive.

They accompany Clive on his journey

“So in battle we have these characters that are completely controlled by the AI. But that doesn’t mean they’re just there to fight,” Yoshida continued on GameMe. “There will be celebrations. You will be accompanying Clive on his journey. And there will be group members joining and leaving the group, and other people will come in depending on where you are in the story.

“These characters will play a big part in the story and they will have their own storylines. So it’s not just about someone helping you in the fight, there are even party members who are part of Clive’s journey.”

Yoshida calls them both companions and party members. It seems clear that you don’t expect a classic party like you know from previous installments of the series. It sounds like the party is most like that of Final Fantasy XV. There you only controlled Noctis directly, but your friends were always by your side and controlled by the AI.

Naoki Yoshida introduces you to Torgal

One of the companions in Final Fantasy XVI could be Torgal, who you already know from the first trailer. It was the good-natured wolf boy. Naoki Yoshida won’t confirm or deny whether Torgal has a role in the fight. Yoshida told IGN fans to “wait and see” and promised to release more information about the party soon.

“Well, let’s say he’s more of a wolf than a dog – and his name is Torgal,” say Yoshida. “As for him as a party member, you just have to wait and see. Soon we will have more information about the party.”

The opposite of Washington Post Yoshida, however, was a bit clearer, even if he didn’t mention Torgal by name here. There must be a “loyal friend” to whom Clive can give specific commands during combat. In addition, most of the direct action should be through Clive.

We’ll have to wait for Square Enix to release more details about Final Fantasy XVI. The next trailer is already in the works and will be released in the fall. Do you regret that there is clearly no “classic” party? Or are you happy with a system like in Final Fantasy XV?

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