Monster Hunter has replaced the series as a “defining game”, says Yoshida

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The Final Fantasy series has left its mark on the Japanese video game industry and Japanese youth for years, but that’s history, says Naoki Yoshida, producer of Final Fantasy XVI

In an interview with the Japanese Dengeki he says, “theThere would be no more Final Fantasy fans. The reason for this is that every serial part is so different.

“Every Final Fantasy game has a different world, different characters, and a different game system. First, it’s a good thing, because there’s always something new to offer and the series continues to reinvent and challenge itself,” said Yoshida.

“But that divides the fans: There are fans of Final Fantasy VI or Final Fantasy X – but “theThere’s no such thing as a Final Fantasy fan. As a result, people’s expectations of Final Fantasy are very high,” said Naoki Yoshida.

Finally, the time intervals between the release of the numbered major Final Fantasy titles have increased significantly over the past 15 years. And many people’s memories of the Final Fantasy series go back to their early or late teens, when those people were the most impressionable.”

All these factors would have put the series in a minor crisis, Yoshida would have felt it, even talking to many Final Fantasy fans around the world. Through his work on Final Fantasy XIV, he has spoken to more fans than anyone else.

In the past, a Final Fantasy was often referred to as a “key experience”. But that’s over now, with such experiences in Japan, the name “Monster Hunter” is now more common, says Naoki Yoshida.

A new Final Fantasy should now appeal to a whole generation of players, including those who are not yet FF fans. His goal is to get people to say, “There’s a great game coming out, I need to see it!” – again for every Final Fantasy to come.

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