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Zelda: Wind Waker is one of the most controversial titles in the Zelda series. The look is loved by many fans, but also hated by some. Shigeru Miyamoto belonged to the latter group, according to a new translation of an old Japanese magazine.

Did you know gaming (through VGC) released this information. So originally Nintendo only wanted to improve the graphics of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask and as a result there was even a first prototype of Wind Waker in this style.

One member of the team designed Toon Link and the rest of the team fell in love with the style. That’s according to an interview conducted by the Nintendo Dream in the mid-2000s and that Did you know gaming now translated.

According to this information, Eiji Aonuma said he didn’t think Miyamoto would like this new style. So he waited as long as possible before presenting the new material to his boss.

“If I had talked to him from the start, I think he would have said, ‘How is Zelda?'” Aonuma recalled. “Miyamoto had a hard time letting go of the realistic Link Art style until the very end.”

“At one point he had to give a presentation against his will. And then he said to me something like: You know, it’s not too late to change course and make a realistic Zelda.”

Miyamoto probably didn’t stick to his opinion, because according to the interview it would have taken ten years to develop a “realistic” Zelda: Wind Waker at the time. The rest is video game history.

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