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Hideo Kojima has stopped a project because it looks too much like the series “The Boys”


There’s definitely an idea or two in Hideo Kojima’s head. One was a project he recently put on hold. on Twitter Kojima himself revealed that the project is made of ice cream because it is too similar to the Amazon series “The Boys”.

He watched the series and initially stopped after three episodes. Now he’s seen the rest of the show. When he saw the first episodes, he remembered his own project.

“I was about to start a project that I had in mind for a long time,” says Kojima. “But I put it on hold because the concept was too similar,” Kojima continued.

It was a “buddy thing”, with male and female protagonists pitted against legendary heroes along with a detective team. He got involved with Mads [Mikkelsen] intended as the main character.

Looking back, Kojima doesn’t seem sad. Superheroes in the entertainment industry would be “mass production” these days, so kojima† Although his project should of course be different: a “radical, hard-hitting action film” with “neither hero nor villain”, with a “dark humor” and a “worldview that is the opposite of what we are used to”.

That sounds more like a movie than a game and that would be quite conceivable. We know that Kojima absorbs movies and it shows in his games. In November, Kojima Productions announced it would open a Los Angeles office dedicated to “movie, TV, and music.”

The project has been nothing more than an idea so far. “Well, what I planned was just in my head, so I didn’t incur any costs for labor, materials, research or anything like that,” Kojima concludes.

Artwork: Kojima Productions

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