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Game Trailers: F1 22 Launch Trailer with Ambassador Charles Leclerc


Electronic Arts and Codemasters also present the launch trailer F1 22† With Ambassador Charles Leclerc, this will focus on the feeling behind the wheel of a 1,000hp Formula 1 car and the thrill of competing against the top drivers in motorsport.

“We can’t wait for players to jump into the game and the trailer perfectly captures the excitement and emotion of competing for the World Championship at the highest level,” said Paul Jeal, F1 Senior Franchise Director at Codemasters. “Fans will experience the ecstasy of stepping into the new era of Formula 1 and driving the car to its limits and beyond.”

F1 22 lets you experience the life of a Formula 1 driver on and off the track. In addition to competing for the 2022 FIA World Championship in new revolutionary cars designed for more competition, players can now experience rewards off the track with the launch of F1 Life. The new social hub makes it possible to personalize the avatar and the apartment and to show off the collection of supercars. Once the cars have been purchased, they can be driven in the Pirelli Hot Lap function, which recreates the early part of the race weekend.

F1 22 Coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on July 1.

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