Game Trailers: Monster Hunter Rise two trailers for the Sunbreak expansion

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Capcom released two new trailers for the upcoming Sunbreak expansion yesterday Monster Hunter Rise issued. In the first trailer, we see the return of fan favorite Shagaru Magala, Furious Rajang and a challenging new variant of Raging Magnamalo, the flagship of Monster Hunter Rise. The actionpacked trailer also features images of the returning fanfavorite elder dragons, subspecies, and monster variants that make up the (so far) announced monster lineup in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak belong; including a look at the Bubbling Bazelgeuse, returning in the expansion’s first title update. A second trailer showed off a new highquality armor set and weapon trees that can help aspiring hunters on their way to exciting new Master Rank content.

Shagaru Magala first appeared in the West Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in appearance it is the adult form of the then flagship monster Gore Magala. Over time, the monster grew into an even more powerful and terrifying form and is now more merciless than ever. Hunters facing this monumental threat must be prepared or they risk ending up as monster fodder. In addition to Gore Magala, Furious Rajang and Seething Bazelgeuse are bringing chaos to the kingdom thanks to their insatiable appetite for destruction. Finally, Hunters got their first look at the rampaging Magnamalo, a new variant of the flagship monster Monster Hunter Rise† This agile fighter comes with an even thicker protective layer of sharp points, amplifying his deadly attacks, making any attack potentially deadly.

Today’s reveals also include the announcement of the Black Belt S armor set and the High Rank Defender weapon tree for players looking for a quick route to master the rank. The Black Belt S armor set is obtained by visiting Senri the Postman early in the game. It provides enough defensive skills to withstand attacks from even highlevel monsters. Previously featured in Monster Hunter Rise, the “Defender” weapons now offer tall weapon trees that can be accessed in the Forge. These weapon upgrades deal enough damage to destroy every obstacle in their way Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak to get out of the way. These items will be included as part of the update to version 10 in Monster Hunter Rise added. The update is available today for Nintendo Switch.

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