You can try Live A Live today with a playable demo and three eras

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JRPG fans must have one for live alive hardly inspire, but the opportunity to try the game now is also a matter of demos. A Live A Live demo is available today for Nintendo Switch!

The game is told in eras and you can try three of them in the demo. Imperial China, the twilight of Edo-Japan and the distant future. You can transfer the score later. A Commercial version is available on Amazon

If you prefer gameplay, Nintendo also has a Live A Live Treehouse presentation for sale today. You will find these below.

How was Live A Live…?

If the title doesn’t immediately tell you something, that’s not surprising. It is a JRPG by Square that was released on September 2, 1994 only in Japan for Super Famicom.

The title marked the directorial debut of Takashi Tokita, who later also directed the iconic JRPG Chrono Trigger. The project also debuted composer Yōko Shimomura with her first musical work for Square.

The RPG was never released outside of Japan. An English version of the title only exists in the form of a fan translation. Lag – until 2022. Now finally comes an official localization, including German texts.

Live A Live will be released worldwide on July 22 for Nintendo Switch.

Today’s trailer:

Nintendo Treehouse

Footage: Live A Live, Square Enix, NintendoHistory

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