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Publisher 505 Games shows the launch trailer for the complete edition of Ghostrunner† In addition to the main game, this includes the Project_Hel expansion, all modes added after publication, as well as all cosmetic packs for €39.99 and is available for all systems since yesterday.

Players climb in Ghostrunner: Full Edition the Dharma Tower, which serves as humanity’s last resort, with a mission to overthrow a cruel tyrant. Ghostrunner: Full Edition combines deadly platforming with singlehit combat that requires quick reflexes and a sharp wit, making this title the perfect starting point for players looking to master a challenging firstperson shooter combat experience. The adventure is musically accompanied by Daniel Deluxe’s ​​electronic soundtrack.

the Ghostrunner: Full Edition includes everything that made Ghostrunner a hit when it was released in 2020, and adds the improvements and content One More Level has developed since then. Developed by One More Level, the Project_Hel prequel DLC includes an additional campaign featuring the new playable protagonist Hel a vulnerable, hatedriven battle android with special abilities that distinguish her from the original protagonist, Jack.

The postlaunch game modes Killrun, Wave mode and Assist mode provide even more challenge. In Killrun, fans race against the clock and add valuable seconds to the timer by beating enemies. In Wave mode, players must use random upgrades to face new attacks from attackers. Assist mode offers optional perks such as reduced skill cooldowns, slower gameplay, and an extra life. Fans can also capture the perfect shot with the photo mode.

Take down cyborgs in style with the intricate katana and gauntlet sets previously released as cosmetic DLC packs. Players can also strike fear into the hearts of their opponents with the Halloween Pack, get into the festive spirit with the Winter Pack, enjoy the glittering side of cyberpunk with the Neon Pack, or escape inspiration through constant Confucian virtues.

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