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Prime Matter also presents a new story trailer the singing† This is where the psychedelic nightmare begins

“Welcome to Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat on remote Glory Island. Shake off the baggage of the past and turn your path of misery into a triumph of spiritual awakening! So much for the advertising brochure the reality in the meditation paradise is unfortunately very different!

When a ritual chant goes awry in their quest for spiritual enlightenment, the group’s negative energy opens up a dimension of cosmic terror during the Prismic Science Spiritual Retreat. To survive, protagonist Jess must unravel the mystery of a cult past and present, while the other members of the group are slowly being driven mad by a bevy of parasitic creatures.

These demons prey on the inherent fears of the retreating humans: if players don’t carefully balance their mind, body, and spirit, they will soon face certain death. You have to decide: fight or flight? Because only with the right choice of spiritual weapons and skills will it be possible to escape from Glory Island alive.

To quote Mike Skupa, Creative Director, “We want to surprise players with a weird mix of 1970s cult horror and new age spirituality. As a boutique studio, we have the freedom to try new things and with our first title, the singingwe face new challenges every day.”

the singing coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X later this year.

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