Special Edition is sold in America for a maximum of 300 euros

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That worked very well: Yesterday Nintendo sold the special edition of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 back in America. After the disastrous first sale, things didn’t go much better yesterday. And now the special edition is sold on Ebay for about 200 euros. It actually costs $89.99.

In America, Nintendo has decided – just like in Europe – to sell the Special Edition only in its own store. The reasons for this can be various, Nintendo has not communicated them. Selling in-house is of course the cheapest. But one can also benevolently interpret that Nintendo wants to put an end to the scalpers.

If the latter was the intention, it failed. Apart from the fact that the sale was technically anything but flawless. On Ebay, the special edition is not only listed for 200 to 300 euros, but also actually sold. Many Nintendo fans are frustrated and are now reaching for the last straw.

In Germany, the pre-order phase for the limited edition should start at the end of July, but an exact date is not yet available. Whether that will also be the case here remains to be seen.

Nintendo has been warned in any case after the “trial run” in America. In this country, however, the My Nintendo Store is not accessible to many people anyway, because payment can only be made by credit card. It is much less common in this country than in America.

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