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Bandai Namco also presents a new gameplay trailer Digimon Survival† This offers the greatest look yet at the upcoming hybrid of visual novel and tactical RPG. In the game, they explore a mysterious yet dangerous world, navigate between encounters with friends and foes, discover glitches and clues, and engage in exciting battles.

The world map helps players explore their environment, with many key interactions between Takuma, his friends and their Digimons. Choices will be important because they can influence not only the story and fate of some characters, but also the evolution of some Digimon.

Interactions also come in handy during combat, as players can encourage their Digimon to give them boosts and benefits, and try to talk to Digimon opponents to recruit them into their team. During these battles, positioning is important to gain an advantage, as is the use of items and skills. Finally, Digivolutions will play an important role, giving powerful boosts to Digimons and turning the tide in combat.

Digimon Survival Coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on July 29.

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