Ubisoft Bans Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD On Steam

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Update: In a statement to IGN Ubisoft has acknowledged that it is a bug. Owners of the games (including Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD) could “keep playing or re-download” them. Access is guaranteed and we are working with all partners to update this information in all stores. The wording on the Steam page is clearly incorrect.

As mentioned in our support article, only DLCs and online features will be affected by the upcoming shutdown. Current owners of these games can still open, play, or redownload them. Our teams are working with our partners to update this information in all stores and to review all options available to players who will be affected by the discontinuation of these games on September 1, 2022. It has always been our intention to do everything what is in our power to ensure that these legacy titles remain available in the best possible conditions for players, and we are working towards that.

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Ubisoft will Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD no longer sell on PC-Steam. That’s one. Incidentally, buyers of this digital version will no longer have access to it from September 1, 2022.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD is no longer for sale on Steam at the request of the publisher Steam page of the game† And: “Note: this title will no longer be accessible after September 1, 2022”.

It is not uncommon for digital games to be “scratched”, ie no longer sold. However, as a rule, they can still be played by the previous buyers through the respective stores. That is not the case here.

This news follows Ubisoft’s decision to discontinue numerous online services related to old Ubisoft games set† It is unclear whether this was an error or a deliberate choice.

Those who recently bought the game in particular are understandably pissed off. “So I actually bought a digital paperweight. Thank you Ubi,” said a recent review.

“Wow, so I paid $20 for a game that I can’t play anymore. So I paid money for a product that was subsequently taken from me without my consent and without any form of compensation,” wrote another reviewer.

Ubisoft has not yet responded. Opposite to Eurogamer a Ubisoft representative just sent the well-known reply about the discontinuation of online services. “We do not take the decision to shut down services for legacy Ubisoft games lightly and our teams are currently evaluating all options available to players affected by the online services shutdown of these games on September 1, 2022,” said one of the speakers. .

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD was originally released in 2012 as Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation. It is a spin-off and is set during the events of the third part. There was a remaster back then that came out alongside the Assassin’s Creed III remaster for consoles and PC.

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