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Amazon has filed a lawsuit against more than 11,000 people connected to Facebook chat groups who sell or buy fake reviews of products sold on the giant e-commerce platform.

The document, which was submitted to a civil court in King County, which is Seattle (northwest), where Amazon is based, indicated that the group intends to use this judicial path to reveal the identity of users involved in these practices. , whose identity is not publicly disclosed.

These are content creators, moderators and managers of private chat groups, often dedicated to buying and selling fake reviews, funded by companies that sell their products on Amazon. Among the most popular counterfeit products is the “Amazon Verified Reviews” logo, which the platform gives to reviews written by users who verify the purchase of the product.

The court document seen by the AFP showed that internet users who agree to post false opinions in their own name get paid or get money back for purchases. And “Amazon”, in particular, was about a group that included, at one point, 43,000 subscribers.

In response to questions from Agence France-Presse, Facebook, which is not directly targeted by the judicial process, has indicated that it has withdrawn from its network “the majority” of the groups cited in the lawsuit filed by “Amazon”.

A Facebook spokesperson said that “groups that use or encourage the posting of fake reviews violate our rules and will be banned” from the network. “We are partnering with Amazon on this issue and will continue to work with the industry to tackle spam and disinformation,” she added.

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