YouTube responds to Saudi Arabia’s request and removes inappropriate ads

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The YouTube platform reacted promptly to requests from Saudi Arabia to remove advertisements that the relevant authorities in the Kingdom described as contradicting the country’s values.A YouTube spokesperson confirmed that inappropriate ads appearing on the platform had been removed.

Yesterday, Sunday, the General Authority for Audiovisual Media and the Communications Commission issued a joint statement, asking the YouTube platform to remove the offending ads, which it described as inconsistent with Islamic and social values ​​and principles, in the background. of complaints received from users about inappropriate ads.

The YouTube video-sharing platform, owned by Google, promptly removed these offending ads, in response to the Saudi statement, which warned the platform that if the offending content continues to be streamed, the necessary legal measures will be taken in accordance with the two systems of communication and audiovisual media.

A YouTube spokesperson said advertiser accounts violating the platform’s policies were closed, adding, “The protection of the company is one of the platform’s top priorities in Saudi Arabia and around the world, and last year Google removed over 286 million ads globally on its platforms due to the promotion of unauthorized adult content, compliant with its policies and another 125.6 million ads for inappropriate content. “

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