Goat Simulator 3 in November for PS5 & XSX

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Coffee Stain Publishing, Coffee Stain North and Koch Media announce that: Goat Simulator 3 will be released on November 17 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. A new trailer, on the other hand, is already available.

Of the Goat Simulator 3 stands in front of the barn door and offers a spacious sandbox island with very varied paths and trails that can even be explored in coop mode. Goat Simulator 3 takes the players to the beautiful island of San Agora, where numerous new puzzles have to be solved. Of course there are plenty of opportunities to sow chaos again, because the goat will certainly not become a gardener here!

Of the Goat Simulator 3 now available to preorder both digitally and physically. Fans have a choice between the Goat Simulator 3 PreUdder Editionwhich contains additional equipment for the game, and he Goat Simulator 3 Digital Downgrade Editionwhich provides a good old nostalgic kick with lots of familiar and revised content from the past.

In addition, for the real goat lovers there are the Goat in a Box Edition, which leaves nothing to be desired. Included are:

  • physical content
    • copy of the game
    • Custom goat box
    • goat hug
    • steel book
    • 3 postcards
    • Double sided poster
  • digital content
    • Game and Soundtrack Discs
    • Preudder equipment
    • Remastered Skins and Gear: Old School Pilgor, MMO, GoatZ, Waste of Space, PayDay
    • Digital Soundtrack
    • 3D print files (PC only)

Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North said: “We were advised not to continue milking the brand, but nobody said anything about goats, so we are delighted to announce the release date of Goat Simulator 3 to announce! I wouldn’t really say we’re proud of bringing Pilgor’s Antics to players, but we sure will. There’s hardly any reason to leave the house at this time of year anyway it might as well be playing a new Goat Simulator game.”

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