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Playstation News: Share of the Week: Stray

Last week, after being bombarded by the cuteness of your real life cats, we asked you to explore the world of Stray using #PSshare #PSBlog. Here are this week’s purrfect highlights: 

Record_photo shares the cat hopped up on a desk to chat with a robot.

i_nofum_i_Game shares the cat crawling underneath a car.

VP_adventurer shares the cat and its cat friends walking in a perfect line.

ranelledr shares the cat exploring a neon-lit robot city.

_AlexisSP_ shares the cat napping on a friendly robot.

Gamography_ shares a cat friend taking in the rain at the beginning of the game.

Search #PSshare #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

THEME: Stray – Cat Closeups
SUBMIT BY: 11:59 PM PT on August 3, 2022

Next week, we’re continuing our adventure with the adorable feline hero of Stray. Share closeup moments of the cat using #PSshare #PSBlog for a chance to be featured.

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