Valve wants to process all reservations before the end of the year

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Valve has an update for the Steam Deck. And it’s progressing! After announcing a few weeks ago that production had doubled, it has now good news for all pre-orders.

If you’ve pre-ordered a Steam Deck, you’ve previously found an estimated delivery time in your account. Worst case scenario, it said “fourth quarter or later” – a pretty vague statement.

Valve has now spread all reservations over the third and fourth quarters of 2022. In this calendar year, we aim to fulfill all previous reservations. “We will be able to meet the demand for Steam decks faster than expected,” it says.

“Many supply chain failures affecting the Steam Deck are being resolved gradually and we are gradually expanding production. As a result, we can now produce Steam Decks faster than ever before.”

New reservations are currently being added to the fourth quarter timeslot. “We’re excited to be able to ship Steam Decks to our customers faster than expected,” it concludes.

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