Eidos Montreal founder D’Astous has heard that Sony is interested in Square Enix Japan

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Stephane D’Astous has created several Deus Ex and Tomb Raider games. He is the founder of Eidos Montréal, which is known to have been a Square Enix studio for a long time. It now belongs to the Embracer Group, including Tomb Raider. At GamesIndustry, D’Astous looked back on his last years in a read interview. He left the studio in 2013.

But he always kept an eye on it and noticed a kind of fatigue in superhero games. The train has become “slower” and the sale of the studios and brands “maybe the easy way out”. “Maybe they thought it was easier to sell a superhero game than a regular game,” D’Astous says.

Was there more to it? “If you read between the lines, Square Enix Japan hasn’t been as committed as we initially hoped. And of course, with all this M&A activity, Sony is rumored to be very eager to have Square Enix in its ranks.”

“I’ve heard rumors that Sony is really interested in Square Enix Tokyo, but not the rest. So I guess so [Square-Enix-CEO Yosuke] Mr. Matsuda treated it like a garage sale,’ D’Astous suspects. So he didn’t need “the rest” anymore.

More importantly, D’Astous has apparently gotten wind of acquisition activity, suggesting Sony is interested in Square Enix, but only Square Enix Japan. Sony’s acquisition of Square Enix is ​​wishful thinking, especially among some fans.

Sony’s Hermen Hulst had reiterated that there was no “arms race” with Microsoft. And yet there was no end to Sony’s takeover wave. Recently, Haven Studios was welcomed into the PlayStation family. Another takeover request from many Sony fans recently disappeared like snow in the sun.

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