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Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Update 1.12 Update Today on August 02, 2022

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Update 1.12

A new update has been released for Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Update 1.12. You can find out all the details of the Game Update, Bug Fixes, improvements, and Patch Notes below. Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Update 1.12 is now available for download, for all platforms, including PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC. The file size may vary depending on the platform.

Notice of Ver1.12 update information

Today 8/2 (Tue) It is now possible to update to Ver1.12.
Please see below for details.


▼Epic Games Store版
[Function addition]
-Added DLSS settings
You can set it from within the Options menu.


ーCommon to all platforms
[Function addition]
– Added the ability to use Anima shards and Anima crystals from ally battle settings
This will allow you to arbitrarily increase the job level of your allies.


【Bug Fix】
– Fixed a bug that stopped when the cursor was moved down in the room list display screen of room matching


– Fixed a bug where the pursuit from Soul Shield was not successful in the tutorial


– Fixed an issue where the chain could not be canceled after using some of the enemy’s moves


– Fixed the following bug in the job-specific action “End of Light” in the Class change job “Demise Warrior”
– End-of-light chase may be a normal attack judgment bug
– End-of-light chase continues to remain.


-Fixed a bug where some abilities were not effective and disappeared when using the command abilities “Blood Imprint” and “Holy Imprint”.It was


-Fixed an issue where the time to extend abnormal conditions other than paralysis was too long in the command ability “Shackle Jutsu”


– In the “King of Engraving”, “Gladiator” class change effect, after hit job-specific action, Just Guard factionFixed a bug where the combo ability effect did not occur for live attacks


– Fixed a bug that caused some effects and job aptitude bonuses to affect command ability in the job action


– In multiplayer, such as job aptitude effect that occurs in the wake of state abnormality such as “Red Mage” and “Giraiya” is rarely disabled that does not occurWe have fixed this issue


– Fixed a bug where the effect of the Job aptitude bonus “Divine Punishment” of “Warrior of Reincarnation” did not occur against Chaos Bringer


-Fixed a bug that might not work when you set the Jed job of the accompanying NPC to “Ninja” and resonate


– Fixed a bug where the amount of poison damage was increased on some enemies


– In some bosses such as site-destructible boss “Tiamat” and boss “Dragon Zombie”, when the site is destroyed, attacks continue to hit continuouslyWe’ve fixed a bug that could cause the app to crash.


– Fixed a bug where the accumulated value of magic “Stun” and “Poison” did not enter the boss “Dragon King of Creation”


– Other minor bugs have been fixed
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