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The Saudi Informatics Team is competing with 85 countries in Indonesia

The Saudi Informatics Team will participate for the third time in the activities of the 34th International Computer Olympics (IOI), which will be held in the Republic of Indonesia from 7 to 15 August, with the participation of 357 male and female students from 89 countries.

The Kingdom is represented at the International Computer Science Olympics by a team of 4 students, they are: Adeeb Al-Shehri, class 10 of Eastern Education, who holds 3 gold awards, the Talented Olympics in Computer Science 2020, the gold of ‘Informatica Winter Forum 2020 and the bronze medal of the Asia and Pacific Olympics in Informatics 2022, crowning a training trip lasting 1276 hours. A training in Mawhiba and the student Abdul Mohsen Saleh Grade 12 of Jeddah Education, who holds a bronze medal in 2022 Asia The Pacific Olympics in Computer Science capped off a 2,676-hour training trip, and Riyadh Education Grade 12 student Abdulaziz Al-Shibli, who received 2,436 hours of training, and student Al-Muthanna Al-Zahrani, grade 12 of Riyadh Education, who received 2436 hours of training.

The participating Saudi team was nominated through a series of competitive software contests in the style of the “IOI” International Computer Competition, to select outstanding students, as well as look at student achievement in regional competitions.

The Kingdom team participating in the IT Olympics has undergone intensive training at King Abdullah University of Technology (KAUST), under the supervision of IT specialists, for a period of 5 years since its members have joined the Mawhiba program for the International Olympics, specialized in computer science from 2018-2019.

The Kingdom’s participation in the International Computer Olympics and other international competitions comes as a strategic partnership between the Ministry of Education and Mawhiba, spanning more than two decades to discover, nurture and empower talented people, and represents a guiding model for cooperation between governmental and non-profit institutions to achieve global results by investing in the country’s sons and daughters.

It also falls under the Mawhiba International Olympiad Program, which takes place in a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Education, and is one of 20 different initiatives of advanced study programs and enrichment programs in the fields of science, engineering and of health, offered every year by Mawhiba to talented students, on a journey that crosses different stages, exploring it, tends and enhancing it, enhancing it and invests in it with its local and international partners.

Interestingly, the International Computing Olympiad is the largest annual international competition in the field of computing and the oldest in the world, and takes place over two days.Each contestant tackled three tasks, including the problems they face. it had to work out within five hours.

The world’s first IT Olympiad was held in Bulgaria in 1989, under the auspices of UNESCO and the International Federation of Information Processing (IFIP), and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first participation was in 2019.

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