Fans celebrate the NieR Church with Super Mario, Metal Gear and Co.

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The mystery surrounding the church in NieR: Automaten has recently been solved. Or rather disbanded, because the makers behind the church have revealed what it is about. It’s actually a mod. The scene itself didn’t think that was possible and almost ruled it out, because it just wasn’t that far.

The mystery that captivated even non-NieR fans has long become a meme. Creative posts where fans have recreated similar scenes in Super Mario 64 and other games are going viral on social media.

Twitter user @_reonu shared his video with the short comment: “uhhh guys?” – yes, what’s going on there? Mario finds a secret door here in the forecourt of the castle in the style of the NieR church, enters it and jumps through a large shaft. Then he enters a curved, long corridor. Just like the model.

A similar number of shares were shared Video by @Nitroid on Twittershows Metal Gear Solid 3. “I have no idea what the secret church in NieR: Automata is about, but I found this in Metal Gear Solid 3,” he writes. There are also videos that are funny in the same way Duke Nukem 3D and Half-life 2.

Let’s see when the first video game features an Easter egg that takes you to a mysterious church in the same way. Until then, NieR: Automata will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

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