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In the spring would have Deathverse: Let It Die must go to the beginning. Publisher GungHo Online Entertainment has now noticed that this can be difficult. The communicated postponement is for next fall. Producer Shuji Ishikawa leads on the PlayStation blog Assume that the late May and early June open beta and the feedback and insights from it led to the postponement.

An extensive presentation of the different weapons can also be found on the PlayStation Blog. Developer is Supertrick Games, they employ former members of Grasshopper Manufacture, who developed Let It Die. It is a multiplayer survival game.

Grasshopper Manufacture’s Let It Die was a game that took some getting used to, but it found its fans. And more than two million downloads of the free-to-play game apparently also made publisher GungHo Online Entertainment happy. The new game also follows the free-to-play concept.

Set hundreds of years after the events of Let It Die, Deathverse brings players into the world of the hit reality show Death Jamboree. The stage is a desert island covered in SPLithium.

An indispensable source of power in the Deathverse era. SPLithium contamination is rumored to have created the UMA, a dangerously mutated creature. Unlike the original, Suda51 doesn’t seem to be part of the game this time around.

Death Jamboree is produced and broadcast by the national television station YBC (Yotsuyama Broadcasting Company). Youth from everywhere are recruited through public recruitment events and promises of huge prize money. The generous cash prizes and gripping survival game attracted a fanatical audience, making the program a worldwide phenomenon.

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