Nintendo Switch has now sold more than the SNES and NES combined

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With the publication of today’s annual report, Nintendo has also communicated new sales figures for the Nintendo Switch. To date, 111.08 million devices have been shipped worldwide. In the quarter ended June 30, 2022, there were 3.43 million devices.

In comparison: Sony sold only 2.4 million PlayStation 5s in the past quarter, but production for Nintendo is also not running smoothly. In the first quarter of the past fiscal year, 4.45 million Nintendo Switches were shipped.

With the 111.08 million, the switch also cracks a new milestone. It has sold more than the Nintendo Entertainment System (61.91 million units worldwide) and the SNES (49.1 million) – together these consoles come in at 111.01 million. Impressive.

The Switch has eclipsed other Nintendo devices for a long time. Only the Nintendo DS (154.02 million) and the Game Boy (118.69 million) sold even more.

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