“Apple” focuses on large phones in its latest version, “iPhone 14”

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A month before the launch date of the “iPhone 14” range of phones, the news was about the prices of the phones planned for “Apple”.

And Apple revealed its latest devices, most notably the iPhone, at an annual conference held in September each year. The technical website (macrumors) reported that the price of the “iPhone 14” may be identical to the “iPhone 13” phone launched last year by the company.

He said the decision was made by senior Apple executives, despite the company facing rising manufacturing costs due to hyperinflation and disruptions to its supply baskets. He said the price of the iPhone 14 will start at $ 799, which is the same price as the iPhone 13, which has a 6.1-inch screen.

And if Apple launches the new phone at the same price as the previous phone, it will be the second consecutive year that the 6.1-inch phone will have the same price. The iPhone 12, launched in 220, starts at $ 799.

The so-called “iPhone 14 mini” with a smaller screen is not expected to appear. And “Apple” launched this type of phone in the previous version, “Mini iPhone 13”, but it wasn’t very popular, although it was a cheap option, especially since its price is $ 699. Therefore, Apple will focus on large phones.

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