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Snapchat first launches the “Ghost Phone” game in Arabic

Snapchat has launched Ghost Phone, a new augmented reality game on the Mini platform that offers an interactive experience, where players must uncover the secrets of an abandoned phone and solve the supernatural mystery of what happened to “Lisa”, the former owner, finally come face to face with the spirits through Augmented Reality!

Using surface recognition technology, the strange “ghost phone” lenses interfere with the environment around users, prompting them to get up and move to collect ghost energy inside the phone and chase ghosts.

The Ghost Phone game introduces for the first time ever a new type of story game that combines Snap’s augmented reality scanning functionality with games. This technology helps users discover and understand the world around them faster and easier using the phone’s camera.

Ghost Phone is the latest in the mini platform’s range of nearly 100 games and offers Snapchat users exciting and fun gaming experiences and the opportunity to spend special moments with friends.

Since its launch in 2019, over 300 million users have used Snapchat’s gaming and Minis platforms, both with unique experiences designed by HBO Max, Headspace, Poshmark, Voodoo, Zynga, and others.

The game was designed using Snap’s proprietary technologies and a web-first game engine, Playcanvas and Lens Studio, leveraging Snap’s global technologies that enabled the design of distinctive lenses. The game will be available in ten languages, including Arabic.

Here’s how to play and have fun with Ghost Phone:

First, users need to open the Snapchat app and search for a phone found in Lens Explorer, or look for the mystery icon in the chat behind Rocket.

Start the password decryption process to run Ghost Phone

· Find clues within text and data messages.

Activate the strange camera modes and look around to capture different types of augmented reality ghosts.

Update the game to reveal apps and data to uncover more clues, camera modes, ghosts, and find out what happened to Lisa.

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