Empty Wishes is a pixel thriller from Taiwan inspired by To the Moon

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Dangen Entertainment has the distribution of: Recall: empty wishes announced for PC Steam. The story-driven psychological thriller will be playable for the first time as part of the BitSummit X-Roads 2022 and will eventually be released in the second quarter of 2023.

The story follows Tommy and his sister Yonny.

Ever since Tommy disappeared, Yonny has been looking for him. One day, Yonny discovers a toy telephone receiver that she used with Tommy when they were children. The mysterious telephone receiver connects Yonny and her friend Phoebe to the Gallery of Empty Wishes, where they can tap into the eerie memories of people connected to Tommy. Using the phone, they explore the main characters’ deepest desires and eventually try to uncover the truth behind Tommy’s disappearance.

Recall: Empty Wishes is set in Taiwan in the 2010s and focuses on aspects such as family ties and student relationships. Players work out and combine the relationships between the characters through the psychological thriller.

A side-scrolling title with 2D pixel art awaits you playfully. The story is told non-linearly and your decisions should influence the outcome of the story. Recall: Empty Wishes is being developed by Puff Hook Studio, an indie studio based in Taiwan. Inspired by story-driven games such as To the Moon, The Coma and Detention.

The trailer:

Footage: Recall: Empty Wishes, Dangen Entertainment, Puff Hook Studio

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