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The farming RPG with a deadly twist shows you its beauty

The farming RPG with a deadly twist shows you its beauty • JPGAMES.DE

Square Enix’ Harvestella was one of the surprises of June’s Nintendo Direct Mini. Now Square Enix presented a lot more details about the farming RPG with the deadly twist.

Harvestella is set in Lethe, a quiet village where the seasons set the tone. Special twist: the last season, winter, is followed by the time of death. quiet. The harvest withers, life is in danger. This is where the story begins, of course.

Agriculture, fishing and ranching all need to be adjusted to the seasons, especially the deadly Silentium Drought. In the city of spring you have a supposedly easy start. Nemea is the name of the city that gives us Square Enix in detail introduces.

Flowers bloom all year round in this beautiful city thanks to the influence of the nearby spring chronomaly. When night falls, the city shows a different face. Cherry blossoms dance in the night sky as if in a dream.

But not everything is going well in Nemea either. There have been some issues with monsters lately, presumably related to the giant egg that appeared on the Springtime chronomaly. A solid crystal that determines the seasons.

Of course you do the research. You can use different jobs in battle. We already knew the fighter, the magician and the shadow strider. The sky striker was recently revealed.

This job uses a spear and includes physical attacks under the Wind attribute. Since there are many long-range skills to be learned here that take advantage of the spear’s range, the sky launcher comes in very handy when you’re facing multiple opponents at once!

If you don’t save cities, you’re preoccupied with their inhabitants. Characters who support you as allies in battle are supported with their own character stories. They revolve around issues these characters face. Solve the problems and strengthen the bond – this will of course also help you in battle.

However, in everyday life you can expect agriculture. You can sell crops or use them for crafting and cooking yourself. How about a Nemea Bolognese or a peach-rose mousse? Fishing is a change of agriculture.

Harvestella is scheduled to release on November 4, 2022 for Nintendo Switch. Additionally, Square Enix has also announced Harvestella for PC Steam. A commercial version is promised for Nintendo Switch.

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