Blazing Strike 2D Fighting Game Delayed Until Next Spring

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About the 2D fighting game Blazing Strike it’s been very quiet lately. Too quiet for a game that should be released this fall. Aksys Games has now actually communicated a postponement to the spring of 2023. The arcade fighter-inspired title will subsequently be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC and will feature pixel art.

You want to use the shift for fine-tuning and add “maybe cross-play”.

There will also be a retail version for consoles, including a limited edition with an artbook, soundtrack and character cards.

The game is inspired by classic arcade fighters from Capcom and SNK, the best games in the genre if you want. So you rely on nostalgia, but also on unique game mechanics and modern technology.

Blazing Strike is being developed by RareBreed Makes Games, formerly known for Ninja Beetles. Blazing Strike uses a 4-button system with six normal attacks.

There are light, medium and heavy punches and kicks, and the defensive moves are block, guard and parry. A rush trigger allows for fast attacks and moves, but also lowers the rush meter. When it drops to zero, the character falters.

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