Mysterious Steam Post Has Fans Speculate About DLC Announcement

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This week FromSoftware published on the official Steam page until Elden ring a mysterious message. “Who served the Crucible Knights?” asks the headline. The content of the message is short and cryptic.

Most of these mighty warriors served only one master. Don’t think about the runaway who went to Volcano Manor. His exception proves the rule. And you, have you defeated this mighty knight?

The Crucible Knight is an enemy that appears in the game in several variants. It is known from lore that the knight possessed the powers of the great tree before it merged into the earth tree.

Some fans (and media) wonder if this mysterious message might be related to an Elden Ring DLC ​​dealing with the knights. It is the first post on the Steam site in two months, although published as an “announcement”.

However, FromSoftware already has both the teaser image of the article and large portions of the content in it a tweet dated July 5, 2022. Only the issue of defeating the knight is new.

But it gets even wilder: On Facebook Bandai Namco Entertainment published the same post on June 30, 2022. Bandai Namco South Asia used the post about a month ago.

So what is this? Ironically about that Elden Ring Reddit is one of the least enthusiastic about the posts. There, the recent Steam post is considered what it probably is. FromSoftware and Bandai Namco want to maintain at least a little bit of communication and visibility until there is some real news.

It’s unlikely that the new Steam post is in any way intended as a direct teaser for an upcoming DLC ​​announcement. Although an upcoming DLC ​​is of course not unlikely. It is also possible that the Crucible Knight will play a role there again.

But always the same social media post for several months as a teaser – probably not. Elden Ring will definitely continue in one form or another. Publisher Bandai Namco President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa made that clear a long time ago.

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