Your first impression of Xenoblade Chronicles 3?

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All good things are 3! That’s why today not only follows the third Sunday question for a first impression, but it is also about Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Someone else should be talking about the video game’s summer slump. But will two weeks after release be enough to get a first impression of the game? After all, the opening scene has been going on for a while. Feel free to tell us in the comments!

Join Noah, Mio and their friends as they traverse epic landscapes, battle wild creatures and attempt to break the endless cycle of violence that binds their nations.

A world of natural splendor, Aionios is the setting for an endless conflict between two warring races: Keves and Agnus. Time is of the essence for the inhabitants of Aionios, as they fight relentlessly to extend their lives long enough to complete a 10-year term of service.

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The results of the Sunday question of July 31

sunday question: Your first impression of Digimon Survive?

  • I haven’t played Digimon Survive (yet). 30.67% (46 votes)
  • I think Digimon Survive is better than expected. 30.00% (45 votes)
  • The game is exactly what I imagined. 20.67% (31 votes)
  • So far Digimon Survive has not convinced me. 10.00% (15 votes)
  • For me the title is worse than expected. 7.33% (11 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 1.33% (2 votes)

Total votes: 150 votes

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