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In an interview with the Italian all eyesMagazine has Tetsuya Nomura on the remaster’s new addition “Reunion”. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII spoken. Or is it a remake? Opinions differ – and Nomura is also on this topic.

The “reunion” is important to the lore of Final Fantasy VII and besides, you just couldn’t decide whether it’s a remaster or a remake. It would be somewhere in between.

“The reasons for this are diverse. … the term ‘reunion’ is very important in Final Fantasy VII lore. The game is fundamental. Since Crisis Core’s story plays a big part in the continuity, we wanted a sense of convey seriousness and give the feeling that the events matter,” explains Nomura.

“I feel like the term ‘reunion’ can encompass all of that,” says Nomura. “From the point of view of the remake trilogy, Crisis Core is a prequel and its story can be seen as an introductory chapter.”

“Given how the story fits into the main mythology of Final Fantasy VII, the subtitle ‘Reunion’ should also convey the idea of ​​merging Crisis Core’s story with that of the Remake trilogy,” continued Nomura.

“The last reason is the fact that, as we said before, we can’t decide whether it’s a remake or a remaster. […] No remake, no remaster, but something in between.”

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion is set to release this winter for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC Steam. In this country there will be a special, exclusive version of the game.

through Nintendo AllArtwork: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, Square Enix

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