Nintendo announces a specific date for the Schnabulier game

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On the sidelines of the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival, Nintendo and HAL Laboratory also have the specific date for the recently announced Schnabulier game Kirby’s dream buffet communicated. That Track buffet opens on August 17, 2022!

Eat strawberries to gain serious weight. Because the bigger Kirby is, the faster he rolls down. Only the most spherical (and heaviest) Kirby wins the race! Want to take the butter off your opponents’ bread? Then grab snack boxes and use the special power of the delicious special snacks they contain.

In this multiplayer fun, many colorful Kirbys compete against each other in fiery competitions. Locally it’s done with another player, online with four players. Roll through the levels and nibble on strawberries.

The new trailer:

Images: Kirby’s dream buffet, NintendoHAL laboratory

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